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Cancellations, Reschedules, and Reservation Adjustments

  • All cancellations, reschedules, and adjustments to your reservation are subject to a $35 cancellation fee.
  • Reservations booked with less than 10 days' notice cannot be cancelled.
  • If you must cancel or adjust your stay before your arrival...
    • We require a cancellation notice ahead of time to receive a full refund.
      • Standard reservations require 10 days' notice.
      • Full house rental cancellations require 30 days' notice.
      • Holiday weekends and group reservations of 3 or more rooms require 30 days' notice.
    • Your deposit will be refunded, less the $35 cancellation fee
  • If we are not provided with the required advanced notice for a cancellation or shortened stay, we will provide a refund, less the $35 cancellation fee if your area can be rented to someone else.
  • Reservations may be rescheduled within 10 days prior to the booked arrival date (prior to the cancellation period) but are subject to the $35 cancellation fee.

Check-in and Check-out Procedures

Check-in is between 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm.

  • Please let us know your approximate arrival time (within a half an hour).
  • If you cannot check-in during the 4-7pm window, please call us.

Checkout is by 12 noon

Please complete the following as part of your checkout process:

  • Please place used towels in tub. Leave the linens on the beds, we will take of that.
  • Please return the key(s) to the innkeeper at checkout.

Smoking Policy

  • Because we want all our guests to enjoy their stay, SMOKING is NOT PERMITTED within the bed and breakfast.
  • Smoking is permitted outside only in areas where it will not flow back into the residence.
  • Residual damages and odors from smoking may require extensive cleaning and repairs. A minimum $250 surcharge will be assessed if a guest smokes in the building. 

Payment and Payment Methods

  • Credit cards, checks with ID, and cash are accepted.
  • Reservations made with our system require a credit card number regardless of payment method.
  • Credit cards will be charged for your deposit when your reservation is successfully processed, and your deposit total will be available in your confirmation email.
  • You are responsible to pay for all reserved nights regardless of your actual stay dates.
  • Complete payment is required at booking for additional services and packages.

Rates / Occupancy

  • Normal rates do not apply during holidays such as New Year's, Valentine’s Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, etc., and for special events.
  • Room rates are based upon 2 guests per room.  Rooms that can accommodate 3 - 4 guests are charged an additional $75 per person per night.
  • Regrettably, we are unable to accommodate pets.

Damage Policy

  • All guests agree to pay for any contributed damages caused to our facility and fixtures. These damages include, but are not limited to, cleaning requirements, plumbing and tub or toilet overflow, floor damages, furniture damages, appliance or electronic equipment damages, and towel / linen damage.


  • Once you have placed a deposit, you are entitled to your entire stay.
  • Your deposit consists of half of your reservation length or at least one night's payment. This is in addition to due charges and taxes.
    • ExceptionOne-night stays require complete payment ahead of time.
  • Only valid gift certificates will be honored. Reservations made with invalid certificates will be charged at the standard rate.
  • If selected, additional service costs will be added to your deposit.


For the benefit of all our guests.

  • Reasonable care regarding the peace, quiet, and enjoyment of all guests is expected.
  • This venue is not suitable for children excluding infants.
  • Disturbing the peace of other guests and/or illegal conduct may be cause for eviction without further notice.
  • No candles or open flames are permitted.
  • Furniture, other than chairs, game tables, etc., may not be moved or rearranged.


  • The thermostat is set for heating or cooling according to season.
  • To set the thermostat, press the upper or lower buttons to raise or lower temperature.
  • Please adjust the temperature up/down when leaving the building.


  • Towels, washcloths, etc., are provided on racks. If you have additional needs, please contact us. 
  • The hairdryers/curling irons are located under the sink or in the bathroom closet.
  • Please DO NOT PUT sanitary products in the toilet. Extra toilet paper is located in the bathroom or linen closet.
  • Use facial makeup removers before using washcloths or towels (makeup removers bleach the towels/linens).
  • Please use the exhaust fan when bathing.

Whirlpool Tub

  • Water level must cover the jets, but don’t over fill so overflow occurs when someone gets in the tub.
  • Make sure jets are pointing down (rotate disk to adjust angle).
  • Air control knob adjusts amount of bubbles.
  • To operate, push the button (air switch) at rear corner, side or rim surface of the tub. This turns it on/off.

Seasonal Reservations Options

for French Country Manor

Summer Reservations

June - August the French Country Manor is open Thursday through Sunday.

Fall, Winter & Spring Reservations

During this time, the French Country Manor is only open Friday, Saturday, and holidays.